2019 Awards

“Start Ups or Grown From Home” Category


Global CTS Recruitment

Helen fallon Global CTS

Based in Wantage, Global CTS Recruitment are a recruitment agency who offer a friendly, down to earth and professional service to businesses who understand the importance of getting recruitment right - the first time! Meeting with candidates as well as clients to ensure a cultural fit as well as a skills match is part of their standard service, putting the human element back into recruitment.

The great adventure started in May 2017, Helen Fallon, Founder worked from home for the first 12 months before expanding and basing the successful business at Boston House, Grove Business Park. The idea for the business is borne from Helen's desire to break away from the boundaries of pointless KPI's, being chained to a desk and the hum drum of a 9 - 5 existence. Global CTS is inspired by innovation and an appetite to help companies recruit the best possible support staff.

Exhibiting strong moral and ethical responsibilities to both their clients and candidates, they aim to meet the needs and requirements of both parties by providing an honest, unpretentious and collaborative approach.

Hiring exceptional people for clients who are passionate about creating teams they respect and reward, offering stable and supportive working environments. If you are looking to try something a little different please call the team for a coffee and an informal chat.

C: Helen Fallon, Director
T: 01235 606 078
E: helen@globalcts.co.uk
W: www.globalcts.co.uk


“Hi-Tech or Innovative Businesses” Category


CQR Consulting Ltd

CQR Consulting Ltd

In 2004, a group of cyber security professionals working for multinational corporations, could no longer ignore that these companies were operating first and foremost for their bottom line, while placing the needs of their clients last. Seeing the real need for a totally independent company whose values and advice are always about the client, these cyber security professionals founded CQR.

Now CQR is a world-class, proudly independent provider of cyber security services, operating globally from offices in Australia, UK and USA. Our people are our greatest asset; we are all of one mind – smart, highly qualified and passionate. We live and breathe cyber security.

Our specialists are the best in the business, with pragmatic minds that produce top quality opinions and strategies, and work with our clients to achieving great outcomes. Our passion is continually fuelled as we keep ahead of rapidly evolving targets and ever-changing landscapes to identify, manage and lower the risks of our clients, not just so their businesses and people will survive, but so they can thrive.

Being independent we’re not tied to any vendor or product and are free to give impartial and pragmatic advice and find solutions for every project we undertake.

We pride ourselves on forging long-term partnerships that benefit our clients. It’s why we started our company. We work as a team to ensure our clients are protected, giving them the confidence to get on with running their organisation and leveraging their information technology to its greatest potential.

Everyone at CQR has the rare combination of technical expertise and business acumen as well as hands-on experience of business issues across a broad range of industries and technical environments. We proudly deliver our services from a business-focused point of view and can communicate effectively with clients at all levels from general staff, the IT team up to company executives.

CQR was founded with the mission of making the world a safer place. We exist only to ensure our clients’ businesses and people are protected, so they can thrive.

C: Greg Inge, Co-Founder and Owner
T: 01865 987 181
E: greg.inge@cqr.com
W: www.cqr.com


“Sustainable / Green Businesses” Category


Seacourt Ltd

Seacourt ltd

We have been printing in Oxford since 1946 and have been a sustainability trailblazer since we realised just how damaging the printing industry was back in the late 1990’s.

For over 20 years we have been pushing the boundaries of what was believed possible – creating our own printing process, achieving ZERO waste to landfill over a decade ago, visiting the Queen on 3 occasions and being recognised as the most sustainable SME in Europe are some of our proudest achievements.

Printing is historically one of the most polluting industries in the UK. Almost all printers are responsible for high levels of landfill, water consumption, VOC emissions and CO2 emissions – however there is a different way. Here at Seacourt we provide our clients with Planet Positive Printing™ – meaning that their printed materials are actually benefitting our environment and society

Planet Positive Printing™ is about having a Net Positive impact on the Environment, Society and Economy. A position where you don’t need to apologise to print, but actually contribute by printing, and which supports key principles such as the circular economy and clean energy. It’s about creating a sustainable business that gives back more than it consumes. Having already taken actions to reduce our impacts over 20 years of innovation, moving to waterless printing, Inventing LightTouch printing process, becoming ZERO waste, VOC free etc, gaining x3 Queens Awards for sustainable development and the European commission most sustainable SME in 2017, we wanted to go further. We have now taken complete ownership of the environmental impact of our entire supply chain, our outputs and even colleagues travelling to and from our factory!

With the support of Empathy Sustainability we carried out an extensive assessment of our entire business impact – both within our factory, but also our supply chain, so that we are taking responsibility for our businesses impact in its entirety. This was then independently audited by Anthesis Ltd and with confirmed numbers and methodology we worked with Climate Care on a program that creates positive social impact and carbon capture.

Giving back more than we consume = Net Positive.

So Planet Positive Printing means that we as a business are an enabler of positive impact – meaning our client's printed materials have a net positive impact on our environment and society. Our long term sustainable future relies on living on one planet and within the earth’s carrying capacity. Doing less harm only takes us so far if the total net impacts remain negative. The leadership position, and only strategy that doesn’t leave our children and future generations with the consequences of our negative impacts, is to be Net Positive

C: Gareth Dinnage, Owner
T: 01865 770 140
E: GarethDinnage@seacourt.net
W: www.seacourt.net


“Charities & Social Enterprises” Category



Richard Kennell, Co-Founder and CEO

At SOFEA we work with young people to build their employability, whilst providing nutritious food for those in need.

We are committed to supporting people to make a deep connection with themselves and their community. We do this by treating all members of our community with equal compassion and respect and accepting them as they are. As much as we completely accept people as they are, we refuse to accept any limitation on what they might achieve. We believe in the restorative benefits of education, work and social justice to support people’s innate resilience to achieve growth and their potential as human beings.

Our aims are to: Feed young people with skills and self-esteem; Feed the workforce with skilled and trained people; Feed the most vulnerable members of the community.

Our vision and mission, through our food rescue operation, is to provide surplus food (from supermarkets, their distribution centres and suppliers) to vulnerable people and to cut waste.

Working closely with communities, local government and food charities we offer this nutritious food to organizations working with at risk people who are unable to or cannot afford to feed themselves or others within their family.

We use our food rescue warehouse to provide training and education for those disadvantaged in the labour market, mostly aged between 16 and 24. The practical training includes generic employability skills such as self-management, teamwork and communication and sector specific skills such as forklift truck driving and stock management for those who wish.

The academic education includes a focus on numeracy and literacy skills and qualifications in personal development, employability, IT, Arts Award, warehousing and logistics

At the core of these programmes our highly skilled team also implements a sophisticated behavioural change programme, which encourages Trainees to explore their own behaviours and to make the changes they think are necessary.

The combination of hand/ heart/ head brings about significant and lasting benefits not just in job outcomes but in broader attitudes and mindsets.

C: Richard Kennell, Co-Founder and CEO
T: 01235 510 774
E: richard@sofea.uk.com
W: www.sofea.uk.com


“People To Watch” Category


Ellie Brown, Oodle Car Finance

Ellie Brown, Oodle Car Finance

Ellie has worked in generalist HR for over six years, with a passion for the innovative nature and pace of the tech industry. Currently working for Oxford’s fastest growing FinTech startup Oodle Car Finance, Ellie has also worked for a global SaaS company where she lead the recruitment and employer brand strategy in the UK, US and APAC, saving over £100k through direct hiring in her first year and winning Employer of the Year along the way.

Ellie has spoken at in London, Kiev and Moscow on HR and Recruitment and runs a Meetup group called Connecting HR Oxford. She is also a charity trustee for Let’s Play in Banbury and has delivered training to the staff of Retrak, a charity in Uganda as part of skills-based volunteering project #ConnectingHRAfrica which she is due to take part in again in 2019, this time in Ethiopia.

Oodle Car Finance is changing the way people buy cars, by putting our customers’ needs front and centre of the second biggest retail market in the UK. Traditionally car buyers have had to negotiate a confusing, tired and fragmented marketplace that is light years behind other retail sectors. Until now. We’re bringing a new approach to the used car market; bringing it up to speed by building a modern, digital, retail process centred around our customers. We’re revolutionising the used-car market by pairing our customers with their dream cars, the UK’s best dealers, and affordable finance.

Car finance is changing. For too long, the used-car finance industry has been compromised by inefficient, manual processes. But change is in the air... With a glove box full of powerful algorithms and a boot brimming with big-league investment, we have developed the necessary technology to bring car financing bang up-to-date.

We’re breaking the mould of lending in the used-car market by merging search and finance into one seamless digital process. This rapid, blink-and-you-miss-it, online procedure matches our customers with their perfect cars, the UK’s best car dealers and affordable finance. In just a few minutes. By bringing the best car dealers closer to our customers, we believe we can achieve our ultimate mission to create a best-in-class consumer experience, where our customers reap the benefits.

We worry about the tedious behind-the-scenes geekery - the multifaceted funding arrangements, the innovative credit underwriting applications and the cutting edge portal development - so you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

C: Ellie Brown, HR & Tech Recruitment Lead
T: 01865 475 032
E: ellie.brown@oodlefinance.com
W: www.oodlecarfinance.com